[Example Sentences]:
1. Clinton leads that voter expectations question by a large margin, 53%-42%.
2. Following that was the death of a voter or a move to another jurisdiction.
3. He does not have a social media presence and is not a registered voter in the state.
4. They were contradicted by the electoral authorities which put voter participation at 65.8%.
5. There has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the election.
6. The Obama administration had the tools to fight voter fraud but let them gather dust.
7. It has launched its own investigation into voter fraud.
8. I checked on the computer during the voter inspection and it was there, he said.
9. At best, they reflect voter sentiment as it was perhaps days in the past.
10. We did find voter fraud in Colorado that essentially waters down your vote.
11. The secretary of state has not yet released an updated voter registration figure.
12. Just after midnight London time as the market indicated a sharp change in voter choice.
13. Among the issues they look for are racial discrimination and voter intimidation.
14. Some of the electronic machines use a voter access card, which you receive when you go to the polls.
15. The referendum comes at a time of voter frustration.

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