[Example Sentences]:
1. I hope that I will be able to earn your vote on November 8th.
2. The FCC will vote on the privacy proposal at its meeting on March 31.
3. They were allowed to go home to vote in elections in February 2013.
4. You got to get out and vote on November 8.
5. The commission will vote on the agreement at its next meeting scheduled June 14.
6. A scheduled shareholder meeting to vote on the deal has been moved to September 12.
7. In the vote, parliament also moved to have early elections on May 25.
8. Clearwire shareholders are due to vote on that plan on July 8.
9. With all the votes counted, the commission said turnout in the Moscow vote was a low 32%.
10. Afghans will vote on their next President April 5.
11. Earlier in the week, Paul engaged in a filibuster to block a vote on extending Section 215.
12. The version that the committee ultimately approved passed by a vote of 8 to 1.
13. About 30 million people were eligible to vote in the election turnout was estimated at about 80%.
14. Rajoy was defeated in a first vote of confidence Wednesday by 180 votes to 170.
15. Sprint shareholders are scheduled to vote on the proposed $20 billion sale to SoftBank on June 12. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home