[Example Sentences]:
1. The military expects only a small number of women to volunteer for the jobs.
2. He also served as a time clock of sorts for the volunteer workers.
3. They talked about his love of video games and his volunteer work at a Mexican orphanage.
4. Each volunteer got a turn with each of three robot displays.
5. The state will also pay for any lost compensation, if they are not paid by a volunteer organization.
6. Every time a volunteer in the field talks to a voter, information is added to a mega-file.
7. He would not discuss financial details but joked, This is not my volunteer job.
8. For example, Etsy gives employees five work days a year to volunteer in their communities.
9. With Tor, each site you visit is sent though a relay of volunteer servers.
10. He did not answer, but he smiled with what the volunteer described as visible discomfort.
11. A French female volunteer at the museum and a Belgian employee were also killed.
12. As she reached in for a third last hug, she promised to volunteer for him when he needs her.
13. If the rest of Europe was pulling its weight, said one volunteer, this would all be very manageable.
14. He and his friends, who are part of a volunteer ambulance team, rushed to the scene.
15. Cornell University has organized a massive network of volunteer data collectors.

[Antonyms]levy, draft, requisition

[Synonyms]offer, bestow, proffer
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