[Definition]: the total space of a dimensional object; one book of a book series

[Example Sentences]:
1. Media daily volume of unsolicited messages dropped over 30 percent from January to June 2015.
2. On the outside of the right arm you will find the volume up and down buttons.
3. As such, they lost out in the market share and volume level.
4. You can control volume, but it took me a while to figure out how.
5. For privacy and volume control, users can also plug in their own headphones.
6. The Mac was purchased in volume purchases by a number of enterprise customers in select markets.
7. With each kernel release there is an increasing volume of code changes are submitted.
8. In my view, the excitement about the growth in the volume of data is misplaced.
9. That is nearly three times its average, but the overall level of volume is more important.
10. As the number of users and the volume of data grows, it should be easier to keep up.
11. Show her how to turn the volume up and down.
12. We simply have the volume so that you can stay busy.
13. I think it was just a high volume day.
14. You can not only enable devices, but also adjust the volume for each one.
15. Experts are optimistic that the industry can maintain that sort of volume in the coming years.

[Antonyms]minuteness, smallness

[Synonyms]book, tome, convolution
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