[Example Sentences]:
1. At age 16, he had the vision of an 80-year-old.
2. Machine vision components markets, in turn, were up 11 percent over the same period in 2016.
3. That will lay out the vision for developers in how we see this market working.
4. Use that as your vision statement and keep at it day in day out.
5. It was hard to find people understanding the vision of what we were trying to do.
6. They have a better vision of where the global economy is heading and what people want.
7. It was never really the vision that people were led to believe.
8. She also says the company had no clear vision and was repeatedly rejected by investors.
9. We are excited to join forces to take our vision to the next level and scale.
10. This put it outside the range of night vision goggles.
11. Our vision is to become more of a global technology company.
12. You have got to have the strength to say you have the vision, he said.
13. This review has provided a vision for what services could look like.
14. Apple needs to put forth a more compelling vision to get iPad sales moving again.
15. Video taken in the dark can still be viewed through a night vision mode.

[Antonyms]material, substance, reality

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