[Example Sentences]:
1. The process of getting a visa from any of the covered countries typically takes months.
2. Each visa is good for three years and can be renewed for three more years.
3. It would protect the visa holders who are here and want to travel outside the country.
4. IBM said it expected only a fraction of the visa applications would be approved.
5. In Canada, officials expect their new visa to give their tech industry a big boost.
6. There were no indications of any ill intent at the time that the visa was issued.
7. Turkey also made requests to ease visa rules by June instead of the end of the year.
8. The State Department declined to comment Saturday, saying it does not discuss individual visa cases.
9. We wanted to get a visa from the embassy and travel properly, by plane.
10. She was granted a visa allowing people to enter the US to marry American citizens.
11. Her husband had applied for a visa almost a year ago.
12. There were no indications of any ill intent by that individual at the time the visa was issued.
13. This is despite having a valid visa and holding a British passport.
14. Everyone who already was granted a visa or refugee status would be allowed to keep them.
15. However, Snowden did not comment on whether his visa has been extended. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home