[Example Sentences]:
1. One of the most surprising signs of a computer virus is no sign at all.
2. The death toll among those who contracted the virus remains at six.
3. The virus moved quickly, but so too did the efforts to contain it.
4. In Saudi Arabia, officials say a man who was being tested for the Ebola virus has died.
5. To get ahead of the virus, we need to have a massive presence on the ground yesterday.
6. Authorities believe the virus is being spread through direct contact with infected poultry.
7. The rest would go to foreign aid accounts to fight the virus overseas.
8. If we add another virus, the image of North Korea in the eyes of China will be even worse.
9. The virus began spreading in Ukraine and demanded ransom money to unlock computer systems.
10. The tentative assessment of this virus is that it may cause human infection or epidemic.
11. Many may click infected email attachments or bad links and spread the virus further.
12. These products can discover a virus and other unauthorized transmissions from the hardware.
13. The ability to do that would be a game changer in fighting this virus, according to researchers.
14. So the virus was easier to control.
15. Lieberman said there have been two waves of the virus, and both have been blocked this way.


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