[Example Sentences]:
1. Warsaw is a village of 5,000.
2. They told me nearly all houses at the village have been destroyed in the earthquake.
3. One of the village children will lead you to it if you ask around.
4. The high school was in another village, too far to walk.
5. The village seems quite unified in its embrace of an economy built on one day a year.
6. They were just going from village to village and looting.
7. We took the village, then Islamic State attacked us and they took it back.
8. No one in the village knew exactly how many people the quake had killed there.
9. The camp quickly became a mini global village with a sense of community.
10. It is a small village and this happened very suddenly, he added.
11. Once a girl is taken to village, there is no way back.
12. They wanted to start farms and establish a village with a grand church at its center.
13. The problem though, is that the village cannot afford to move.
14. I never wanted to be the village head.
15. At Christmas we visited a poor village and she gave her toys away to the children there.

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