[Example Sentences]:
1. It hopes that with more fun tools to pretty up the videos more will start getting shared in 2014.
2. Facebook began making videos that are shared natively on Facebook play automatically in 2013.
3. Music videos are a bit hidden in iTunes 12.
4. Now you can get one with 16 times the capacity and a color screen that plays videos for $149.
5. Many of our users see our videos from within social media apps on their phones.
6. We use Google and social media and we watch videos and process text.
7. I use my camera to make videos as well as photographs.
8. She said she only found out what happened when police showed her videos of the attack.
9. Facebook also plans to recommend videos to users based on their interests.
10. You can even set up email alerts any time one of those videos gets triggered.
11. Images and videos on social media showed women and children were among those killed.
12. I can instantly upload photos and videos to the Web without using my hands.
13. Police may not delete your photos or videos under any circumstances.
14. It is difficult for anyone to watch videos of the shooting.
15. You can also see what videos other people are watching and jump in. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home