[Example Sentences]:
1. It did say its systems had not been the victim of any security breaches.
2. I would like to think that it would allow the victim to somehow move forward.
3. The company said it had been the victim of a sophisticated cyber-attack.
4. The victim told officers that the man was hiding in the back.
5. The second victim died after the car she was in was swept away.
6. It asks a victim for account information or personal information, which is then sent to a hacker.
7. The alleged victim is expected to continue her testimony on Thursday afternoon.
8. He is warning the public not to fall victim to the scams.
9. No one wants to be the next victim, and that drives security spending.
10. For the most part, this is Apple playing victim to its own success.
11. The online shopping industry may have been a victim of its own success this holiday season.
12. A fourth victim was found outside the house and died after being taken to the hospital.
13. Chinese officials have previously claimed the country is a major victim of cyber attacks.
14. He has the same mother as the victim, but a different father.
15. In this case, the victim was going home quite late at night.

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