[Example Sentences]:
1. By the following summer the veteran count was up to 119.
2. The veteran pilot who crashed July 6 was making his first landing at SFO in a Boeing 777.
3. The 16-year Cisco veteran has run the security group since 2012.
4. Based on its 2014 prices, typical flight fees for one veteran can top $550,000.
5. The veteran reporter was killed along with members of his family.
6. There was not a veteran guy strong enough to stop what was happening.
7. The issue of veteran suicide has become a political cause for activists and legislators.
8. Three veteran analysts were forced out of the agency and seven others were disciplined.
9. The military veteran paid for a taxi for him back to the hotel, he said.
10. For every veteran who has been to Iraq, it is a constant battle to not become bitter.
11. Getting to Mars is the hardest job for even veteran space countries.
12. A veteran in distress may not be able to communicate that distress verbally.
13. Smith is a Silicon Valley veteran with decades of experience.
14. The veteran quarterback is attempting to regain the starting job that he lost last season.
15. A combat veteran, Ward said the takeover was done in military style.

[Antonyms]novice, recruit, tyro

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