[Example Sentences]:
1. Both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft will become top five overall storage vendors by 2017.
2. Top five vendors, worldwide total disk storage systems market, second quarter of 2014.
3. The vendors will provide the bulk of the update work as part of the subscription.
4. Samsung and other tech vendors want to get a hold of as much of those as they can.
5. There are many things that vendors in the IoT world have overlooked.
6. One of the vendors told me Tuesday evening that he was exhausted.
7. Most vendors also offer a collection of stock images you can use for your stamps.
8. Most flash storage vendors are working to make the media faster and increase its longevity.
9. So the TV vendors have to partner with the Internet companies to gain their services.
10. One of the primary ways many vendors have approached the cloud security problem is with encryption.
11. Users and vendors can create their own container systems from all or some of the pieces.
12. It also will not share the flaws with vendors so patches can be developed.
13. There are a lot of vendors and offerings in this space.
14. The big enterprise vendors are responding in kind or with other innovative approaches.
15. The challenge for cloud vendors will be to stay near the customer. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home