[Definition]: transporting device such as car, truck etc

[Example Sentences]:
1. The plant also will make a hybrid autonomous vehicle that is scheduled to be released in 2021.
2. Ford is promising to have a fully autonomous vehicle on the road by 2021.
3. Nissan plans to have its first fully autonomous vehicle in production by 2020.
4. The automaker opened reservations for its least expensive vehicle March 31.
5. It is estimated that the driverless vehicle industry will be worth $90 billion globally by 2030.
6. The EPA said that the fine for each vehicle would be up to $37,500 £24,000.
7. People react near a military vehicle during an attempted coup in Ankara, Turkey, July 16,2016.
8. This is how the technology works and what it now means for vehicle owners.
9. You are a vehicle to get them to the next level.
10. All four others I was with in the vehicle died on the spot.
11. That child was taken by a personal vehicle to a local hospital.
12. He then refused to come out of the vehicle when police arrived.
13. The officers returned fire from inside the vehicle before pursuing the man on foot.
14. Those rates are much higher than the current estimated cost of vehicle ownership.
15. The investigation concluded it was the third such vehicle that inmates repaired.

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