[Example Sentences]:
1. The number of cloud services on the market today is vast and growing daily.
2. The sites are now used by a vast array of different fundraisers.
3. The vast majority of the public is not going to keep track.
4. The potential to create value with new forms of data economies is vast and under-appreciated.
5. The vast majority of the people living in the world are still not online.
6. The damages were likely to be vast and serious once they could be properly measured.
7. The company needs a deal to fill a vast hole in its balance sheet.
8. Now, Facebook is getting serious about making money from that vast audience.
9. The death penalty is supported by the vast majority of the American people.
10. There is a vast difference between state and federal programs.
11. The vast majority of large businesses already offer health coverage.
12. The vast majority of students work during the school year.
13. The Internet has created a vast audience of potential adopters.
14. To say this adds to development efficiency is a vast understatement.
15. This would include a vast number of government contractors.

[Antonyms]moderate, limited, confined

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