[Example Sentences]:
1. When you re done, vacuum it out to make sure you get every little bit.
2. The war has left a security vacuum throughout parts of the country.
3. This is an attractive robot vacuum with good cleaning performance and innovative technology.
4. LG has done this using technology that was originally meant for use in a vacuum cleaner robot.
5. The fan is located in the body of the vacuum cleaner and is powered by a motor.
6. They can even survive the vacuum of space.
7. For instance, a researcher could add object recognition capabilities to a smart vacuum cleaner.
8. Hedge funds have filled the vacuum created by the retreat of the big banks.
9. The vacuum cleaner was positioned at the top of the stairs, behind the railing.
10. The recorder no longer uses vacuum tubes or rubber tires and is mostly built from new parts.
11. This corresponds to a low vacuum, which has a similar strength to a vacuum cleaner.
12. The robot can be set to vacuum or mop exclusively, while auto mode will do both.
13. Robot can automatically map out route to vacuum room, then charge itself back up.
14. The result is a prolonged political vacuum that almost invites judicial intervention.

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