[Example Sentences]:
1. An annual vaccine, considered to be highly effective, costs about $100.
2. He also pointed to research efforts, including a potential vaccine for addiction.
3. These pilots are crucial to determining the impact this vaccine could have on reducing this toll.
4. These cells take up the vaccine and use it to prime themselves against a flu infection.
5. Companies raced to make vaccine but it was months before it was ready.
6. Scientists have yet to develop an effective drug or vaccine to fight it.
7. It also set off a race for a vaccine, as global health officials strive to avoid a repeat.
8. Does the vaccine burden as has been debated for years cause autism?
9. Our vaccine research may have to include this new cancer, Woods said.
10. If they receive healthcare services in the camp, such as a vaccine, then they receive a stamp.
11. There is no cure or vaccine for Ebola, which is spread by contact with infected bodily fluids.
12. If that were necessary, it would not disrupt production of the seasonal vaccine, CDC officials said.
13. The flu vaccine does not cause the flu, he said. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home