[Example Sentences]:
1. One building they are using for a data center dates from 1929.
2. The company first started using AWS cloud services in March 2016.
3. The company has been using this feature on Search and Maps since 2014.
4. This fits in well with the naming convention that Apple has been using since 2010.
5. Your HTTPS websites should be using the latest crypto, including TLS Version 1.2.
6. I may return my iPhone 6 and continue using the iPhone 5s.
7. Akamai calculated that attackers using the protocol could amplify their attacks by a factor of 131.
8. Personal finance experts typically recommend using less than 30%.
9. But, using mobile apps, she saved $37.00.
10. Analysts say a majority of iPhone owners are still using older models, such as the iPhone 4 or 5.
11. This tells you which mic is using input channel 1 and which is using input channel 2.
12. It is expecting a 50% increase in the number of candidates using crowdfunding compared to 2015.
13. The maximum deduction using this method is $1,500.
14. Meanwhile, Nokia has also developed a Lumia tablet using Windows 8.1 RT, called the Lumia 2520.
15. Refresh rates are limited to 30Hz when using HDMI 1.4. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home