[Example Sentences]:
1. James Johnson, executive vice president for upstream operations, which include exploration and production, was awarded $9.4 million in total direct compensation during 2016.
2. The way we do it, everyone upstream will get paid for the ability to deliver the live broadcast.
3. The Freedom facility is just upstream from a major water treatment plant.
4. The split will create one company focusing on upstream products, including aluminum.
5. Yet that will be an upstream battle in the publishing world.
6. Red Hat has typically followed each upstream OpenStack release by several months with its own OpenStack Platform release.
7. Judge White could declare the upstream collection program unconstitutional, a ruling the government would probably appeal.
8. The rescue and salvage efforts are being run from a massive barge tethered a few miles upstream of the wreckage.
9. To address those issues, PwC recommends that IT pros analyze upstream and downstream workflows to find where the issues are. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home