[Example Sentences]:
1. Old iPhones, depending upon the model, can garner from $150 to $350.
2. With each new platform, we will continue to build upon that trust.
3. The first model increases the income rate based upon the rate of inflation.
4. The answer to that is likely dependent upon the value of the data being protected.
5. Snowden called upon the technology community to act as firefighters and put out the blaze.
6. DNS is one of those Internet infrastructure capabilities upon which we all rely.
7. We had a contact upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation.
8. This storage can scale up or down upon demand, and you only pay for what you use.
9. They may be called upon also to help restore normal operations after an asset compromise.
10. Researchers tried about five versions until they hit upon the right one.
11. Businesses can start with their existing IT assets and build upon them.
12. That experience left a very negative impression upon me of that employer.
13. The attack ended when another teacher came upon the crime and screamed.
14. I love what this country is built upon, and its values.
15. For better or worse, the biggest shopping day of the year is finally upon us.

[Antonyms]under, beneath, before

[Synonyms]about, concerning, with
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