[Example Sentences]:
1. At that time, a second unit will be delivered for only $1.
2. Gary is an iPhone user so a defect was definitely the culprit for unit 1.
3. Bergdahl was captured after walking away from his unit, unarmed, in 2009.
4. Speaking of the original iPad mini, Apple cut the starting price on that unit to $299 from $329.
5. In 2015, total smartphone shipment unit growth was 10 percent from 2014.
6. The chip unit is estimated to be worth between $9bn £7.2bn and $13bn.
7. The company does not provide details on its services unit in its public filings.
8. The other unit had been on the market but was now going to be rented.
9. Some former members of his unit have said that he left of his own accord.
10. The head of the unit as well as another officer have since been fired.
11. This feature alone might be worth the price of a unit for many families.
12. The unit lives in a former school that now functions as their base.
13. Mac unit sales were lower every quarter this year compared to the same quarter the year before.
14. That said, the idea of having a single unit for all your video watching needs is attractive.
15. France said late Friday that it had sent a military unit to secure the site of the wreckage.

[Antonyms]sum, mass, total

[Synonyms]oneness, unity, one
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