[Example Sentences]:
1. The normal fine for uniform violations is $200.
2. They gave him a real uniform right down to the badge.
3. We can no longer send a uniform message to the entire public.
4. Over the years, thousands of men and women in uniform were expelled.
5. One uniform damages claim would be made to all individuals, the company said.
6. It needs to be coming through as uniform, a little bit more like a cricket ball.
7. When he kept showing up, they gave him a uniform and a place to sleep in the firehouse.
8. He added that people in camouflage uniform and with weapons were inside the building.
9. I am in danger because even the police uniform, if they see it they will shoot you on sight.
10. This can be problematic for data centers that need uniform systems so they can be managed en masse.
11. Private cloud allows businesses to scale in a uniform manner.
12. Companies operating in multiple states also needed uniform rules.
13. In airports and restaurants, civilians thank men and women in uniform for their service.
14. Privacy laws are also becoming more uniform across countries.
15. The two posed in uniform for the local newspaper, each holding a cane in his right hand.

[Antonyms]heterogeneous, variable, varying

[Synonyms]unchanging, equable, consistent
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