[Example Sentences]:
1. He had called her on his cell phone from underneath the rubble.
2. One reason it took centuries to find is because it was underneath the ocean floor.
3. A fuel gauge of five small lights underneath the power button shows how much battery life remains.
4. To read the comments you have to scroll down underneath the picture.
5. The review concluded that three inspections had failed to get underneath concerns at the school.
6. We linked to each original image underneath each composite photo, so you can view them for yourself.
7. This technique also enables you to print a small image at a larger size and add text underneath it.
8. The stand features a cable organizer and keyboard storage underneath to keep your desk tidy.
9. She said that she, her mother and husband swam to safety from underneath the vessel.
10. All of the businesses underneath the Alphabet umbrella should provide more financial information.
11. When he collapsed, his arms were underneath him, and the gun was still in his hand.
12. The Motion Editor then appears in the timeline underneath the layer.
13. She says she eventually landed underneath some seats.
14. Three of them were trapped underneath the rubble.
15. They watched as rescuers pulled him from underneath the debris.

[Synonyms]below, beneath, under
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