[Example Sentences]:
1. The injured officers were dragged out of the lobby and taken to the hospital to undergo surgery.
2. They all had to also undergo Twitter training.
3. I was advised to undergo brain surgery, but I got scared.
4. The accused killer is set to undergo a mental exam at the request of his lawyer.
5. One major reason parents force their daughters to undergo the procedure is to avoid social stigma.
6. The judge ordered him to undergo a mental evaluation.
7. Some undergo that customization process better than others.
8. The whole region could undergo a major shift.
9. After his latest arrest, Rudd must undergo drug and alcohol testing when required.
10. The mice and lizards were to be flown back to Moscow to undergo a series of tests at the institute.
11. As they age, stars like our Sun undergo dramatic changes.
12. Expect this interface to undergo significant refinement in the next few months.
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