[Example Sentences]:
1. And that Instagram and WhatsApp under the Facebook umbrella are emerging as real competitors.
2. The website serves as an online umbrella for men looking to escape pornography.
3. Are you in the habit of leaving your umbrella behind at restaurants or in the car?
4. All of the businesses underneath the Alphabet umbrella should provide more financial information.
5. The new brigade is set to serve as an umbrella for several elite units.
6. The ridesharing companies are the first to come under the regulatory umbrella, but will likely be far from the last.
7. One brother was holding an umbrella, to shade himself from the noon sun.
8. European Digital Rights, an umbrella group of digital civil rights bodies, described the agreement as flawed.
9. Google Ventures, now called GV within the Alphabet umbrella, made an early investment in Uber in 2013. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home