[Example Sentences]:
1. In my brief typing tests I found that I was much more accurate on the Touch Cover 2.
2. You can also search for something specific by typing it in.
3. If technology can do the typing, your clients might not want to pay you to do it.
4. Many also hear the sound of unlock and then typing on a keyboard.
5. What if a person breaks a finger and the typing pace changes?
6. You can easily change this by tapping the title bar and typing something new.
7. The case also doubles as a typing and viewing stand in landscape orientation.
8. Instead, just hit that Search button on Chromebooks and start typing to get an instant answer.
9. He denied ever typing gays should die or using any slurs.
10. The keyboard works well for typing as is common with Belkin keyboards for other tablets.
11. You can either tap on an existing tag to select it or continue typing to create a new tag.
12. It also doubles as a viewing or typing stand in landscape orientation.
13. It also doubles as a viewing and typing stand in landscape orientation.
14. Far better than a password which is easy to observe someone typing in and duplicate.
15. After typing in my email address, a message said Protection expired.
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