[Example Sentences]:
1. Personal finance experts typically recommend using less than 30%.
2. They typically retail for under $200.
3. In comparison, other smoke and carbon monoxide detectors typically range between $50 and $80.
4. The bride price is typically 20 to 40 cows, each worth up to $500.
5. It typically costs $35 to $50.
6. The price difference between i3 and i5 is typically around $50-$100.
7. The design process typically can take weeks or months for a campaign.
8. Such users also typically want a device that can work well with a physical keyboard.
9. CEOs typically sell and sell and sell company stock until the end of time.
10. Most people would agree that doing their expense reports is typically not much fun.
11. Technology companies typically credit security researchers who turn over problems in their software.
12. Samsung Group companies typically have their own management and boards of directors.
13. That is typically followed by pricing of the shares and the first day of trading.
14. The process of getting a visa from any of the covered countries typically takes months.
15. This can typically be done when charging your iOS device.
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