[Example Sentences]:
1. Apple is trying to make it easier to type out long messages in iOS 8.
2. It was difficult to get any type of privacy on the phone and on the computers.
3. The agency says this is the first campaign of its type that has been reported.
4. The other major problem is the type of IT in which Symantec plays.
5. The change in device type reflects a change in operating system dominance.
6. It was only the second launch of this particular type of rocket.
7. He said it was the first death in this type of accident he knew of.
8. There have also been changes in the way that law enforcement views this type of work.
9. There are many ways to predict which type of technologies will be big in the future.
10. That type of malware collects the card details after a card has been swiped.
11. The company wants to crack down on this type of activity among its users.
12. It was not immediately clear how many or what type of weapons were taken.
13. On some sites you might even be able to type in the entire phrase.
14. That was such a unique take on this type of essay.
15. One type of aircraft not in use are is the drone.

[Antonyms]caricature, monstrosity, abnormity

[Synonyms]mark, stamp, sign
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