[Example Sentences]:
1. The company also said in a tweet that the photo was taken with a Samsung phone.
2. Users on Twitter are now more likely to see ads based on what they tweet about.
3. You can live by the tweet and die by the tweet.
4. That run ended last quarter, and a single tweet had a lot do with it.
5. Twitter revealed changes to the timeline in a tweet on Thursday night.
6. Think twice before you send me a hate tweet because it will become a thing.
7. This tweet suggests he hopes that the attack Thursday will have an effect on the vote.
8. You have to Instagram and tweet a picture of your starter.
9. His tweet included a link with more information on the storm.
10. She referred questions about why the tweet was deleted back to the Cairo embassy.
11. In a tweet he said authorities continued to engage protesters, but we will not be moved.
12. Airbnb also called on people listing on the service to call or tweet their protests to the governor.
13. Twitter is also adding the ability to share up to four photos in a single tweet to create a collage.
14. However, some consumers have continued to tweet that their email was still down.
15. The tweet remained on the account early Friday morning. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home