[Example Sentences]:
1. State law says victims must file lawsuits seeking damages before they turn 23.
2. You can turn off read receipts for specific people in iOS 10.
3. Twitter aims to turn a profit in 2017.
4. Once it is level, set the index ring to 0, then turn the weight so it reads 1.5.
5. This, in turn, allows an attacker to disable Secure Boot and Virtual Secure Mode on Windows 10.
6. Machine vision components markets, in turn, were up 11 percent over the same period in 2016.
7. Breyer is going to turn 78.
8. People who turn 55 or older in 2016 can contribute an additional $1,000.
9. They turn me off and send me away from your page.
10. Whether there are enough women out there to turn things around for her is questionable.
11. That in turn makes it easier to report to the board and stakeholders.
12. She needs time to turn the video camera on her Glass to on.
13. You really do have turn your eye to focus on the information.
14. I do worry about how the same things would turn out now.
15. Most of the time experts think they need to turn to experts.

[Antonyms]fixity, unchangeableness, immobility

[Synonyms]revolution, alteration, vicissitude
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