[Example Sentences]:
1. Testing that 18-wheeler in a physical wind tunnel could cost as much $100,000.
2. Witnesses told local media that the tunnel was often used for drag racing.
3. Police were waiting at the tunnel to round up those who reached it, he added.
4. A militant comes in from one building, takes a tunnel and emerges from another several doors down.
5. First, Musk wants to design a machine that can dig and reinforce a tunnel at the same time.
6. An escape tunnel leading from one of the houses is rigged with trip wires.
7. It repeatedly sent the ball into the tunnel so it bounced around, destroying many bricks.
8. She had been dreaming about running through a tunnel alone, away from gun blasts and blood.
9. That tunnel is the route for exfiltration.
10. At base, a VPN is a secure, encrypted tunnel through the Internet created using software.
11. Hundreds fled from stopped trains down tunnel tracks to adjacent stations.
12. The tunnel that Guzman used to flee was sophisticated.
13. Its wind tunnel uses a 60 percent scale model to test new parts.

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