[Example Sentences]:
1. He had put it inside a clear plastic tube to examine it without being bitten.
2. The other tube design was new to the analysts.
3. After only being allowed to use a feeding tube, she was allowed to eat applesauce.
4. The result is that the entire tube system was potentially contaminated, they said.
5. It is then encased in a steel tube to protect it from the water pressure.
6. After a year on a breathing tube, Pierson says even her doctors gave up on her.
7. The frog then jumps up into the tube and sticks to the sides like a lizard.
8. You should use the brush to pull lint off the sides of the tube and out of the duct.
9. The key advantages of a tube vs.
10. The finished test tube holder did have to be glued together, but it works.
11. What is to be gained in a very small tube, which echoes, which is already a very tense environment? © 2020  Terms of Use | Home