[Example Sentences]:
1. They said the stock price was after the truth came out.
2. The truth is that all of the ideas are early in their development.
3. We look forward to the truth coming out and our day in court.
4. I will stay here to find the truth with other family members.
5. The truth is that we are not safe and never have been.
6. The truth is we know the revenue numbers and we have all we need to do our jobs.
7. We needed to be able to speak the truth about everybody.
8. You must decide whether this is a setup or if there might be some truth to it.
9. I really believe we can get to the truth of what happened here, he said.
10. The truth was that not only was there no gun, there was no victim.
11. The truth is that it remains to be seen, but the decision is a matter of concern.
12. If they give us the truth, we will go back home.
13. I am comfortable with the truth that has come to me and I am happy.
14. The truth is China has gradually slowed and may very well slow some more.
15. Where the truth lies who is right and who is wrong is still debated.

[Antonyms]lie, untruth

[Synonyms]fact, reality, fidelity © 2020  Terms of Use | Home