[Example Sentences]:
1. Media and banking industries have the lowest levels of trust at 51%.
2. As recently as 2011, trust in politicians stood at 52%.
3. Complete service and support, including a trust program10.
4. The security industry needs to be able to trust the work of researchers.
5. Can you trust the people who want you to add this feature on the phone?
6. We will do everything in our power to win back the trust we have lost.
7. So people trust the technology because they see it on a daily basis.
8. The cloud business has spent a lot of time and money building up trust in the market.
9. The first is the lack of trust between all the different sides.
10. We trust they will continue to address the needs of those injured in the crash.
11. You cannot trust any company that makes any claims of the security of their products.
12. That I could never ever trust her or anything anything that came out of her mouth.
13. CIOs who clear up some of the confusion will help close the trust gap.
14. This is a significant step forward in the online trust ecosystem.
15. Apple is certainly not going to trust that to a competitor.

[Antonyms]doubt, suspect

[Synonyms]confidence, belief, expectation © 2020  Terms of Use | Home