[Example Sentences]:
1. For example, many parts of the South unsuccessfully argued that states rights should trump federal civil rights actions during the 1960s.
2. It should not be used as a political trump card for each and every disputed issue.
3. For better or worse, their wants and needs often trump research and data.
4. The other thing we know and which may trump any spec talk is the price.
5. If the app gives creators more options and better ways to get discovered, its second year might just trump its first.
6. Can the needs of corporate culture trump community culture?
7. Both have proposed offers for the company that appear to trump his $13.65-a-share bid, at least on paper.
8. The study suggests that, when it comes to reefs, being isolated from human activity may trump being connected to other reefs. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home