[Example Sentences]:
1. It is true that all the technology is available to do these things today.
2. We feel like this is one of the first true co-productions.
3. This is true for some but my own experience is different.
4. The iPhone gave people true Internet access from a mobile device for the first time.
5. He said the man might have been the true owner of the drugs.
6. It really is a true partnership of both public and private agencies.
7. This is even true of the skills that the company has been helping developers make.
8. Most of what you can say about the iPhone rings true about the iPad as well.
9. This is true even if they live in a state that does not recognize gay marriage.
10. Zuckerberg says it seems like it will take a long time for true reform to occur.
11. That same is true of additional attacks on police departments and hospitals since then.
12. The same could yet prove true for Obama if the economy continues to improve.
13. It was not true then and it is not true today.
14. I expect that to be true of the most recent ones.
15. What was true for computers is the same with mobile devices.


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