[Example Sentences]:
1. The latest trouble has its roots in tensions that go back long before 2011.
2. Mozilla may have trouble getting people to care about Firefox 57.
3. Early adopters aside, Google might face some trouble finding a suitable market for the Nexus 5.
4. The trouble with search is that you need to know what you are searching for.
5. The trouble is getting Internet connectivity to them is difficult and costly.
6. The trouble is, the track record of such tools is at best mixed.
7. This is why public companies have so much trouble innovating.
8. You might not have to go through as much trouble when it comes to identifying your own clients.
9. The game also has trouble keeping up with its own speed.
10. There were also reports of trouble with the virtual keyboard display and video playback.
11. Can he have gone to all this trouble for a little internet glory?
12. We realized that consumers have trouble building their own websites.
13. The trouble has been getting everyone on the same boat.
14. Some hospitals say they now have trouble getting the drug.
15. Customers also have trouble getting into the deep range of services.

[Antonyms]blessing, peace, composure

[Synonyms]distress, anguish, anxiety, worry © 2020  Terms of Use | Home