[Example Sentences]:
1. A sustained breakout would signal a trend shift, opening the path to next resistance around 117.30.
2. The largest single trend noted in the report was the rise of ransomware in 2016.
3. Tracker gadgets are another hot trend for busy families in 2014.
4. States that keep monthly figures said 2017 is continuing the trend, up 3 percent over 2016.
5. The S P 500 bucked the trend to edge up 1.3 points to finish at 2,280.85.
6. This is a trend which is not going to change any time soon.
7. A new president really can do little to change the trend in the economy right away.
8. We see this as an emerging kind of trend that needs to be addressed.
9. The trend as of late is to release the Nexus experience in the fall.
10. Now Amazon has made the first move in what may become a trend for advertising platforms.
11. The trend is set to accelerate this year as mobile offers take off.
12. The end result of the latest activity might not be known, but the trend is clear.
13. A number of PC makers see that trend and are investing heavily in the technology.
14. The second major trend hopes to do something about improving the viewing experience on televisions. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home