[Example Sentences]:
1. We believe we are in the business of making tremendous memories.
2. I think it was a tremendous mistake and he should never have received an invitation.
3. He spent a tremendous amount of his own money to get this far.
4. He added that there had been a tremendous improvement in his health.
5. The care industry is going to be a tremendous growth industry.
6. This will be a tremendous opportunity, a significant step for the city.
7. Both sites have brought tremendous changes to the process of buying a home.
8. We will have created a tremendous economic machine once again.
9. There tends to be a tremendous amount of violence toward each other with these groups.
10. It also gives us a tremendous opportunity to recover from our mistakes.
11. It would seem Apple is taking on tremendous liability with this market.
12. To be president of this country, you need tremendous stamina.
13. All this digital marketing depends on customer data, which is then a tremendous asset to protect.
14. Though it lost tremendous market share to Apple and others, that reputation is largely intact.
15. You could hang a tremendous amount of opportunity on a domain like that.

[Antonyms]unappalling, inconsiderable, unimposing

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