[Definition]: medical cares given to a patient; the manner a person received from others

[Example Sentences]:
1. Police said she returned for a second treatment about 10 days later, at a cost of $800.
2. The state saw a 250% increase in patients receiving treatment for heroin use since 2000.
3. We believe in equal treatment of all legal content for all users.
4. She must provide proof of her mental health treatment or go back to jail.
5. We can do better than the treatment they are receiving.
6. She is said to be responding well to treatment at a Houston hospital.
7. She would not specify what sort of treatment or problems he has had.
8. They said the cost of treatment adds up to a few dollars to the batteries produced.
9. He will also participate in a treatment program for sexual disorders.
10. He really made it easy to accept my situation and seek the correct treatment for myself.
11. It comes amid a national debate about rape and the treatment of women.
12. All the injured have been sent to a hospital for treatment eight people were severely injured.
13. The results of the study could help lead to more personalized treatment opportunities for patients.
14. The case sparked a national debate on the treatment of women.
15. Dozens of people wounded in the fighting arrived in Turkey for treatment on Saturday. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home