[Definition]: move from one place to another

[Example Sentences]:
1. The next predicted eclipse will travel across the country in 2024.
2. He spoke of dreaming of space travel and building rockets since he was 5.
3. Led by billionaire Elon Musk, SpaceX wants to provide travel to Mars for roughly $200,000.
4. Now she would have to travel around the world and face him before the cameras.
5. She uses the site because it allows her to travel inexpensively.
6. You must really do some travel and work your contacts to access the back rooms.
7. You might have noticed that this was a bit of travel photography.
8. The company is trying to increase its revenue by expanding into gay travel and entertainment.
9. They say it is difficult to travel, but why are we able to and they are not?
10. It could also help eliminate some travel for employees who have to go to remote sites.
11. The high court is likely to decide this month whether it will review the travel ban.
12. This is part of why space travel remains so expensive.
13. The app can book travel for as many as nine people at once.
14. Sometimes you have to travel for business or want to travel on vacation.
15. We have always known that commercial space travel is an incredibly hard project.

[Antonyms]dwell, reside, stay

[Synonyms]pass, journey, migrate © 2020  Terms of Use | Home