[Example Sentences]:
1. He was not sure that this trauma would be over until the plane actually began to take off.
2. We knew she needed to get to a trauma center, and get to a trauma center quickly.
3. She would ensure that military sexual trauma is acknowledged as a disability under VA rules.
4. Others met with professional groups to discuss their trauma and grief.
5. Three are trauma patients in serious condition, while eight others are in less serious condition.
6. Two days after the storm, Taylor and her family are recovering from the trauma of the chaotic birth.
7. Was it a lifestyle that caused the trauma that led to early death?
8. Los Angeles nurses are working overtime to screen for emotional trauma created on the journey north.
9. He died of head trauma and blood loss, Mexican authorities said.
10. Everyone reacts to stress or trauma in different ways and a lot of biological events go on.
11. The victim suffered facial fracture and trauma to the head, and was taken to the hospital.
12. He had a penetrating head trauma and was in a coma.
13. All three had obvious signs of trauma, Nelson said.
14. The coroner said she died of blunt force trauma to the head.
15. She had suffered blunt force trauma to her head. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home