[Example Sentences]:
1. Protesters later broke into the building and began to trash it.
2. The windows of the room were covered with black trash bags.
3. Others were nervous about trash and traffic concerns during the game week.
4. His team is helping with the garbage cleanup and exploring ways to create less trash at camp.
5. Days later, the pieces of his body were discovered in three black trash bags.
6. Big blue trash cans were being tossed around like a piece of paper in the wind.
7. Cities are installing sensors in their trash cans which report how full each can is.
8. In addition to the cats, trash, books and papers were found in the unit.
9. The officers said they found rotten food, trash and insects in the apartment.
10. Mastracchio, who stuffed the part into a trash bag to prevent it from becoming orbital debris.
11. Owners put garbage and recycled items into trash cans provided by the city.

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