[Example Sentences]:
1. The lure of free federal dollars should be seen for the trap that it is.
2. It was a death trap with no fire alarms and no sprinklers.
3. Falling into the trap can be very difficult to get out of.
4. Hamas saw this as a trap and rebelled.
5. He said the mountains surrounding the area trap pollution.
6. A steel trap door on the front where various things popped out.
7. A normal lint trap is found in the usual place, right at the front of the drum.
8. On an earlier model we tested, the lint trap was a pain in the neck to take out and replace.
9. After villains are captured, players can use them by inserting the trap into a slot on the portal.
10. New is the ability to trap the villains into real toy crystals, thus removing them from the game.
11. If you have an early version of this dryer and hate the lint trap, GE can provide you a replacement.
12. The trap can catch the right species almost 90 percent of the time.
13. If possible, use a thin vacuum nozzle that allows you to get deep into the lint trap opening. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home