[Example Sentences]:
1. The government also appears to have taken some steps to bring transparency to party funding.
2. Twitter has been releasing more data in its government transparency reports.
3. Brown said he wants more transparency and financial reporting from the school system.
4. The catch is that transparency matters and the hard sell may not fly.
5. I think the more transparency the government has, the better folks would feel.
6. This is all about my desire to have transparency and make the information public, Clinton said.
7. The group also is pushing for more transparency from the VA about costs.
8. We had faith that type of transparency was going to benefit the consumer.
9. The bottom line is more information and transparency is needed.
10. You have to give end users transparency and control.
11. He also urged police transparency in the investigation, which has been criticized by protesters.
12. Mr Smith sees full transparency as the best way to build trust with modern viewers.
13. The piece led the company to disclose for the first time transparency figures more on that later.
14. There needs to be much more transparency and accountability in these issues.
15. Egypt has come under criticism in the past for its lack of transparency in aviation accidents.

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