[Example Sentences]:
1. This process can cut the transmission time by more than half.
2. The information part of the system was shut down, but not the transmission part.
3. So far, all cases of sexual transmission have occurred when the male is symptomatic.
4. The transmission power would be controlled to reduce interference on the same frequency.
5. The goal is to ensure they follow guidelines to prevent transmission of the virus.
6. Adobe indicated it would issue a patch to address the transmission method.
7. Both devices core function is automated data transmission to the cloud.
8. The study also looked at the location of solar farms in relation to existing transmission lines.
9. In many cases, renewable resources exist where transmission lines don't.
10. The transmission of malaria across borders could be a factor.
11. The car weighs only about 1,800 pounds after its engine and transmission were taken out.
12. None resulted in further transmission, he said. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home