[Example Sentences]:
1. It is the first royal transition in Spain since democracy was restored in the 1970s.
2. She began to transition into a role as junior investing partner beginning in 2010.
3. Only one prime minister has left office in a democratic transition, in 2013.
4. The transition will now likely happen in mid-2016.
5. AT T wants to complete its transition by 2020.
6. However, Microsoft has done a fine job of making Windows 10 an easy transition from Windows 7.
7. We want customers to transition to the cloud when and how it makes sense.
8. This is how state power is making a transition into the hands of the people.
9. It just makes good sense for a transition to take place at this time.
10. So now the industry has to transition from fitness to health care.
11. The transition should be taking place over the next year.
12. Having a deputy would make transition a little bit easier and less chaotic.
13. It is among the last steps in a long transition to civilian life.
14. The company is offering support, services and assistance during this transition in a number of ways.
15. The challenge is how do you take that talent base and transition it.

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