[Example Sentences]:
1. Apple finally brings public transit directions to its Maps app in iOS 9.
2. The previous transit occurred in June 2004.
3. The last transit of Mercury took place in 2006, and the next one will occur in 2019.
4. It aims to increase the use of public transportation by getting people to transit hubs.
5. People actually in transit would be better served by using their smartphone or tablet.
6. A transit center also might be built at the shopping center.
7. They say that getting their transit papers requires at least two stops.
8. A free community shuttle program and a transit center are also proposed.
9. Check your local media to see if there is a transit viewing close to you.
10. The transit from Libya to Italy is by far the deadliest.
11. Some tech firms have attempted to build a better transit service.
12. HP said mobile data is encrypted in transit and at rest.
13. There is a regional push to have more development around transit facilities, he said.
14. The chaos and lack of border controls in Libya have made the country into a transit route.
15. The city also has an extensive public transit system.

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