[Example Sentences]:
1. They thought they could transform school life by making good behavior a game.
2. There are a lot of deals being done and a lot of companies trying to transform themselves.
3. We will create a company that will transform health care and benefits for consumers.
4. His plan has been to transform it into a living museum.
5. Mobile has the potential to transform your enterprise, even more so than the Web did.
6. They would transform the way people lived and worked around the world.
7. That said, it is the mobile movement that is going to transform communication.
8. It has the power to transform you and shapes your views of the world.
9. We have to transform our clients from balance sheet consumers to platform users.
10. We will be able to transform the lives of people.
11. We can transform this good downtown into a great downtown.
12. We saw changes in IT that were going to transform the industry, and that are accelerating today.
13. IBM is trying to accelerate the pace at which cloud computing will transform global industries.
14. TV ads will have to transform into something more personalized and multiscreen.
15. They must also transform the basic way the country is governed and its economy is run.

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