[Example Sentences]:
1. United Airlines allows a transfer but charges $150.
2. Congo has not had a peaceful transfer of power since independence from Belgium in 1960.
3. Another 17,000 or so properties are expected to transfer to the land bank in early 2015.
4. A July 22 hearing is set for his transfer to Seattle, where a grand jury indicted him in March 2011.
5. He was able to transfer to a different school and go on with his life.
6. He said he was there for the transfer and there were no complications.
7. The company will transfer some of the workers to its other stores.
8. Users can also transfer money to each other without using their bank account numbers.
9. Facebook set a record in data transfer with the technology.
10. If you need to transfer data almost any cable will do.
11. Cortana can also now transfer photos to a PC with a voice command.
12. You can also transfer files to the other person by dragging them into the message field.
13. The authorities think that threat has gone away after the transfer was blocked by legal action.
14. This connection standard supports the transfer of data between devices and their peripherals.
15. The technology also allows for the transfer of data.


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