[Example Sentences]:
1. Philadelphia saw similar value in training programs as its convention center expanded in 2011.
2. The company said that health tests and training could start as soon as this year.
3. My car for the training may just be the last of its breed.
4. There was hope that he could soon get into a job training program.
5. A lot of the training is getting really good at talking to people.
6. The project required a significant amount of integration work as well as training for educators.
7. She said the agency has a new tracking system and increased training and coordination.
8. A training site for Hamas fighters close to her home has been hit twice.
9. Those who received such training were less likely to develop depression.
10. This is not an effort to engage in training of local forces, he added.
11. Rather, the training is very specific to work that is out there that needs to be done.
12. Even training may now be on the horizon for this new workforce.
13. I gave myself a couple of days off training and I was really able to relax.
14. They are also training local health care workers on how to safely treat victims.

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